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There is an interesting story of MPCBMA. In 1975 the two industrialists Shri Brijbhushan Badonia of M/s Jai Paper Products and Shri Ramesh Saboo of M/s Boxpackers met together for representing to the Govt. Of M.P. to reduce the sales tax rate from 12% to 4% as the consumers were purchasing the material from out of M.P. on 4% CST. They decided to form an association named CENTRAL INDIA CORRUGATED BOX MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION. Initially the association was having only 2 members. Shri B.B.Badonia became President and Shri Ramesh Saboo became secretary.
The representation was given to Govt. of M.P. and Shri Ramesh Saboo met the then Finance Minister Hon'ble Late Vivek Narayan Mushran and finance secretary. The Govt. then reduced the sales tax from 12% to 4%. This was the first break-through of the association.
This team then also attended first time the FCBM conference in 1977 at Mumbai. The Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers’ Of India did not accept the name CENTRAL INDIA and they suggested to change the name of our association to MADHYA PRADESH CORRUGATED BOX MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION. The name was changed accordingly and then the first president of MPCBMA was Shri B B Badonia and the first secretary was Mr. Ramesh Saboo.
Then Mr. S J Ajmera also joined the band-wagon and the association was recognised all over India.
Now our Association is one of the most organised associations with many energetic and active members.
Past Presidents of MPCBMA:
  1. Shri Brijbhushan Badonia
  2. Shri Shailendra Ajmera
  3. Shri Ramesh Saboo
  4. Shri Satish Agrawal
  5. Shri Ajit Mansharamani
  6. Shri Shailendra Pashiney
  7. Shri Anand Bangur

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