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Wednesday, 07 May 2008 08:21
Activities of MPCBMA:-
  1. Training and education programmes to ensure improvement and up-gradation in technical skills.
  2. Setting up testing laboratories equipped with sophisticated equipments, which aim to increase standardization across the industry and thus improve quality.
  3. Organize packaging exhibitions, which are ideal platforms for display and demonstration of designs and technology in the industry.
  4. Maintaining information on the corrugated packaging industry in their region.
  5. Providing growth and feedback opportunities by organizing buyer-seller meets.
  6. Participating in National and International conferences, exhibitions, seminars through FCBM and benefiting from the mutual exchange of views and information on the latest trends in corrugation technology.
  7. Maintaining close interaction with Kraft paper mills and machinery manufacturers, and others to upgrade the technology.
  8. Complementing FCBM in running various cells concerning R&D, market development, encroachment etc.
  9. Providing services like software development, information on the international packaging calendar, new happenings in India and abroad, etc.
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